Bullshit tasting terms because language is a manmade construct

It’s Not My Fault that Terms for These Tastes Aren’t Being Used in Food Blogs and Reviews

I've decided language is a construct and can eat shit.

I don't think words exist for some of the tastes I pick out so I'm just going to make up words.

I'll pull out some Latin (and other languages I have no business trying to use) and bullshit my way into describing some of these weird tastes. When food critics describe the taste of honeydew as "honeydew", there aren't enough accessible words for tastes for stupid Americans like me to stumble about using.

Is there a word in a different language which perfectly describes this taste? Maybe. Do I know it? Absolutely not. So I'm pulling a Shakespeare and creating terms for things I can taste but cannot seem to find the words for online. If you know a real word that describes what I am talking about, feel free to contact me and share it.

Either way I'm starting a dictionary of utter nonsense to help translate my new tasting terms.

Feel free to use them or relentlessly criticize me online. I don't really care, I'm just tired of struggling to describe odd tastes.

TLDR: If Destiny players can shout “YEET” on discord voice chat while they Titan punch my warlock across the map and my sister can sit on the couch in my living room and describe her selfies as “fire”, I can create new tasting terms.

My Dictionary of New Tasting Terms:


(Pronunciation guide to come)


The tangy green rindy flavor commonly found in melon rinds

Last Update: 01/14/2022