In Depth Guide to Food Pairing for the Casual Tea Drinker

Food pairing does not have to be fancy or daunting. Food pairing is just eating with a beverage. It doesn't have to be some crazy thing that you only do at fancy dinner parties. Food pairing is for everyone.

So here is a guide to food pairing for a casual tea drinker:

  1. Find a couple teas you really like.

  2. Figure out what food sounds tasty.

  3. Take a wild guess as to what tea will taste good with that food.

  4. Go for it! Whip out a notepad and write down what you are experiencing. What tastes are you noticing? How do the flavors interact? And most importantly: do you like it and what do you want to try next time?

Don't overthink your food pairings. Some are going to work, some are going to clash, and some are going to be nothing special.

If you liked it, you have succeeded.

An adventurer is you!