The Alphabet of the Universe

All senses can be broken into base components. Many of those base components are used in different combinations to make different versions of senses.

One scent can branch out into thousands of smells and those can branch into specific chemicals and electrons. Those chemicals all mix to make different versions of scents and smells.

There is a finite base language of scent chemicals and as long as humanity exists, we will discover new ones as if there are infinite. It's like an alphabet for taste. We fail to know all of the letters.

Every scent is like this. Every scent can be broken into a language. Taste and smell language is based in chemicals and textures.

Skin sensations/feelings/textures can be broken into force and thermal energy levels. The force is expressed as pressure. The thermal energy breaks down into electron distribution. All feelings break into electricity.

Most sensible things are matter. All matter breaks into atoms and their perspective pieces. All matter is a hurricane of jigsaw puzzles. Some are pieces and some are fully completed puzzles. They move and interact with each other. They flow like an ocean moving through the fabric of space touching each other distantly. We interact with our existence through physical movement. Smells are the moving of chemicals and electrons past each other. Smelling is the moving of electrons and chemicals through your nervous system. We are soup.

Physics is still determining what matter breaks down into, but there is a finite answer even if we do not know it yet. So all sensations break into the base components of the universe. So you could say, feeling is a representation of all life and existence from a mathematical perspective. All things break into a finite and quantifiable number of things and those numbers form the code and mathematics of existence.

The base components of the universe can be defined as math. All sciences are based in math. Science quantifies and qualifies the universe. Since all sciences are actually math and all things break down *into* math. You could say there are at least 2 reasons that math is the most important thing in the universe because it is the base language of existence. So everyone has a moral obligation to learn and understand math. They cannot understand themselves without math. They cannot experience the world without math. By ignoring math, you are betraying the nature of the universe. You are betraying yourself. You are betraying all you love and love itself.

To learn math is to be in touch with the universe.