So I have a bunch of stuff I've been writing about this and the science behind it, but I'm not ready to publish it yet.

The only thing I have published right now is a cannabis fueled yet completely logical ramble about how we interact with the world. Or something.

I have way more thoughts and ideas, but they are absolutely not done and I want to do a lot more reading before I post more. It's just crazy because ever since I understood "the soup", literally every scientific fact I came across just confirmed my ideas. I'm really excited to finish this and share it at some point. Hopefully you geek out about it as much as me.

01/14/2022 This is the first segment of all of this nonsense. It's a way of describing how science, senses, and reality tie together into what I call "The Soup". I have no schedule as to when I'll post the rest of this nonsense, but this is the first one: "The Alphabet of the Universe"