Not Actually Tea

My passion for writing came long before my passion for tea. It would almost feel unfair to not share my beliefs about the world on my website. Unfortunately, the world does not revolve around tea, but while I'm here, I have some thoughts.

08/17/2022 Advocating for yourself is self care. Saying no, shut up, and overall putting yourself first when you typically neglect yourself are also self care. I made some Assertiveness Punch Cards so that you can buy yourself an ice cream for telling an insufferable person to shut the fuck up.

05/25/2022 I was thinking about how the 2000s traumatized an entire generation and how our perception of time is broken because of the last few decades steadily growing worse: Stolen Innocence: Children of the 90s

03/26/2022 Fast food is one of those guilty pleasures people struggle with. It almost blends into some sort of morality in dieting. Whilst indulging in junk food, I had some thoughts I decided to share: "Fast Food: An Addiction to Nostalgia"

01/14/2022 With the entire universe being the chaotic mess that it is, it seemed only fair to explain why we shouldn't be freaking out over societal expectations: "Should or Should Not Is Irrelevant"

12/05/2021 Trolling is something I've struggled with for years. I think we all do at this point. We spread pain to others in an effort to numb our own. I decided to concisely describe how I felt on the subject: "Trolling: An Addiction to Suffering"