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08/17/2022 Advocating for yourself is self care. Saying no, shut up, and overall putting yourself first when you typically neglect yourself are also self care. I made some Assertiveness Punch Cards so that you can buy yourself an ice cream for telling an insufferable person to shut the fuck up.

08/15/2022 Everyone's asking and I'm delivering! This is my cold brewed iced tea recipe! I've spent all summer doing cold brews and I decided to compile what I've learned: "Easy Cold Brewed Iced Tea"

05/25/2022 I was thinking about how the 2000s traumatized an entire generation and how our perception of time is broken because of the last few decades steadily growing worse: Stolen Innocence: Children of the 90s

03/26/2022 I've had several people ask me to write up a list of what is new on the site. It makes sense, the whole thing is a mess really. But honestly, listing off every post seemed like such a pain. I finally found the energy to do it tonight and I wrote little descriptions so people had a better idea of what my articles are about. From the few months I've casually witnessed on google analytics, people seem to go to my home page, click on this page, and then leave because they have no idea WTF is happening. I mean I don't blame them, until tonight this whole page was basically blank. I hope this helps people navigate my blog. I'm not very tech savvy and I've done most of this myself. But in the end, this is only happening because Andy was able to link this site to my custom domain, get the website crawled, and link it to google analytics. He's amazing at all of this stuff so I appreciate everything he has done. He's my favorite person for many reasons, but one of them is his unwavering support for me to do the things I dream about.

03/26/2022 Fast food is one of those guilty pleasures people struggle with. It almost blends into some sort of morality in dieting. Whilst indulging in junk food, I had some thoughts I decided to share: "Fast Food: An Addiction to Nostalgia"

02/27/2022 I completely restructured the website links so they aren't a clusterfuck. Because of this, literally every link I've ever posted is broken. I'd like to think that this will be a long term improvement albeit a short term setback.

02/20/2022 If you want me to make a guide, just get 10 people to ask me about the same thing. I have this obsessive need to explain things and when enough people are asking me the same thing, it just becomes easier to write something universal and post it on the internet. Let's just say enough people asked about what tea books were good that I made a list of some noteworthy books from my VERY modest collection of books. If you have books you like and want to recommend, tell me! I'd love to read them and potentially add them! So here is my guide: "Some Tea Books and What They Are About"

01/14/2022 There are many times when I taste things I cannot explain. I know the taste, but there is no word in my vocabulary. When I scour the internet, I find nothing. And when other food bloggers describe the flavor of honeydew as "honeydew", I know it's not just me. So I've decided to pull a Shakespeare and make shit up: "Bullshit tasting terms because language is a manmade construct"

01/14/2022 With the entire universe being the chaotic mess that it is, it seemed only fair to explain why we shouldn't be freaking out over societal expectations: "Should or Should Not Is Irrelevant"

01/14/2022 This is the first segment of something I'm working on. It's a way of describing how science, senses, and reality tie together into what I call "The Soup". I have no schedule as to when I'll post the rest of this nonsense, but this is the first one: "The Alphabet of the Universe"

01/02/2022 What is it to to fail the leaf? Sometimes it feels that lacking a deeper context about what is necessary to create tea can lead to a poor comprehension of what tea is good. It's something I never quite know how to express, but I found the words and here is a link to my ramble: "To Fail the Leaf"

01/02/2022 Pairing tea with food doesn't have to be complicated and tea goes with literally everything. There is a tea for every food, you just might not have tried it yet. So I made a guide for tea drinkers of all levels to enjoy: "In Depth Guide to Food Pairing for the Casual Tea Drinker"

12/12/2021 For a long time I have had mixed feelings about tea snobbery. Something about it just felt immoral and for the longest time I couldn't place what it was. But I realized that being snobby against the tea drinker instead of the tea itself is inherently classist: "Tea Snobbery and Classism"

12/05/2021 If you know me, you know I'm passionate about tea pairings. I think they are important when entrenching a drink into a country's culture. Wine pairings are the biggest reason wine is the drink of choice with fancy food. So why not tea? I decided to write about how pairing tea with cuisine is vital and the ethical and financial implications of integrating things like iced tea into daily life. It's a long post, but it's broken up into digestible pieces if you are feeling brave. I think it's my best work: "Tea Pairings: Why Tea Must Be Considered in Conjunction with Cuisine"

12/05/2021 Trauma is persistent in daily life. It follows and haunts us everywhere. For people with PTSD, existence is hell. I have struggled with it for as long as I can remember and I found that taste testing teas has helped me develop the mindfulness skills necessary for coping with PTSD. If you have PTSD or want to understand PTSD, this article might give your soul a little kindness and your mind a little closure: "How the Act of Tea helped Treat my PTSD"

12/05/2021 Trolling is something I've struggled with for years. I think we all do at this point. We spread pain to others in an effort to numb our own. I decided to concisely describe how I felt on the subject: "Trolling: An Addiction to Suffering"